New lab members

  • Welcome to bachelor students Arent Kievits, Teodora Trandafir and Daniel Landr√©
    14 February 2017
  • Welcome to Vladimir Volkov (Postdoc)
    1 February 2016
  • Welcome to Kim Vendel (PhD)
    18 January 2016


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Marileen Dogterom LAB

Welcome to the Marileen Dogterom group in the Department of Bionanoscience in the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at Delft University of Technology.

The assembly, force generation and organization of cytoskeletal polymers lies at the basis of many essential cellular processes. The research objective of this group is to gain a quantitative understanding of the physics behind these cytoskeleton-based processes. This is achieved through a combination of in vitro experiments in simplified physically and biochemically controlled microfabricated environments, theoretical modelling and, increasingly, experiments in living cells.

Coupling between dynein and microtubule
(c) AMOLF/Tremani




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